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We have doubled capacity and dependability with our new Gaston Millennium dye jets, 110" Krantz-Corino-Tubetex frame with Mahlo web-straightening, precision application with Wettex vacuum pad and Weko spray, accurate heat setting, and shrinkage control on natural fibers (using steam, not gas, to dry wool) and man-made fibers (including nylon and spandex.)

Everyone enjoys celebrating all-American ingenuity. We strive to embody this tenants, innovating new fiber combinations, dyeing methods, and finishes...

Special Finishes:

We pride ourselves on the extensive line of special finishes that are available for those customers that have particular needs and special markets. Some of these popular finishes include:

  • Moisture Management - Water Repellent
  • Moisture Management - Water Resistant
  • Moisture Management - Wicking
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Flame Retardant (FR)
  • Ultraviolet Protection (UPF or UV)
  • Soil Release Finish
  • Hydrophilic Finish

We have installed capacity of 500,000 lbs./week, all dyed in our pressure jets of various sizes. Surely we can assign one or more jets to your lot size requirements, always assuring proper color management and repeatability between lots.

Shrink Tumble Dryers

Our state-of-the-art five chamber, three pass tumble dryer is our latest addition in the modernization of Synergy DFC. This variable speed dryer can automatically adjust the percentage of overfeeding and final moisture content of your tubular goods. With the installation of this machine, we have more than doubled the capacity of drying throughput of our mill.

Napping & Shearing

Synergy has one of the most extensive napping and shearing departments in the industry. Our production facilities include napper lines for open goods, tubular goods, open Lycra and non-loop face fabrics. For fabrics like Polar Fleece, Synergy has TWO one pass shearing machines that produce a beautiful product.

Knit & Woven Dyeing

We are fully equipped to handle both woven and knitted fabrics, up to a width of 82 inches. Presently, our product mix is approximately 50% woven and 50% knitted. Our personnel are equally comfortable processing either type of fabric.

Dyeing Collars & Welts

Our vast experience dyeing and finishing color matched collars and welts allow us to deliver a perfect combination for your customers. All pieces are inspected and carefully folded and labeled for an attractive delivery package.

Tubular & Open Width Finishing

Synergy SDFC, LLC is certainly prepared to finish any tubular goods up to a width of 38 inches. The goods are dyed, passed through our "quetch" (actually a tripod arrangement) where any special finishes and/or softeners are added, de-twisted and prepared for the dryer.

Our new shrink dryer will take over from there. With an overfeeding capability, we can shrink your goods as much as required BEFORE it goes to compacting. This marvelous dryer totally relaxes your goods and calculates the temperature and speed of the dryer taking into consideration the degree of shrinking and residual moisture content.

Your goods are compacted to your exacting standards, carefully controlled in conjunction with laboratory shrinkage trials. Your tubular goods can be delivered in rolls or in a precision fold package.

Synergy is equally equipped to process open width goods, as well as, tubular goods. We can even process super lightweight open width (with or without) Lycra knit goods (Ketty), either with or without pre-setting Lycra. Here at Synergy, there are many machinery and process combinations depending on the type of fabric, weight, final use, etc. In every case you can be sure your goods will get our personal attention. Naturally, after framing, most goods will pass through our open width compactor for final processing, presenting the perfect roll at the exit.

New Services:

  • Contract Slitting
  • Crosscut Binding

We appreciate your business and look forward to better serving your needs as we continue to add new capabilities and increase capacity.

Your multi-talented Synergy Team Partners,

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Our factory uses green chemistry to curb the negative impacts on our environment. Sustainable development is a core tenant of our company.
  • Knit & Woven Dyeing
  • Tubular/Open Width Finishing
  • Vat, Reactive, & Hi-Vis Dye
  • Disperse, Basic, & Acid Dye
  • Moisture Management
  • Anti-Microbial Treatment
  • In-House Lab & Testing
  • Napping & Shearing
  • SMART Tiers® Dual Layer
  • FR Treatment
  • Durable Color
  • Soil Release
  • Compacting
  • DWR
  • UV-UPF
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