Rick Landau, Vice President, Mocaro Dyeing and Finishing Tent-a-Frame Operator at MoCaro Dyeing and Finishing

Why MoCaro?

After 43 years in the South American textile market managing Open End spinning, circular knitting of every kind, as well as dyeing and finishing with the finest mostly European equipment, Larry Frank decided in June 2014 to leave Venezuela and begin a second life in his native USA, bringing his family to North Carolina.  


Meet the People Who Will Be Handling Your Jobs.
Together They Have Over a Century of
Experience in the Textile Industry.

Teresa Johnson, Accounting and Human Resources, MoCaro Dyeing and Finishing

Teresa Johnson

Accounting & Human Resources


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Jack Lowman, Chief of Maintenance, MoCaro Dyeing and Finishing

Jack Lowman

Chief of Maintenance


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He searched for the right business, similar to what he was leaving behind. One way or another, his investigations led him to Mocaro. After carefully examining the location, installation and analyzing the growth possibilities, he purchased Mocaro and began the slow yet constant recuperation of Mocaro and its assets.  

New machinery was purchased to put the mill up to world class standards. New computers and new cutting edge administrative  and production software was installed so Mocaro could offer its current and its new customers the best customer service and up-to-date production information available.  

A new sales organization was formed and integrated into the daily management of the company, something Mocaro never had developed.  In short, we have injected a new life into our company, complete with the fresh excitement of building a company dedicated to customer service.  This goal has been explained and installed in each of our employees.  We truly are the new Mocaro.

We hope you will give us a chance to show you that dealing with Mocaro can be a profitable and rewarding business experience, where all of your concerns will be promptly addressed and you will have direct contact with upper management, to solve any issues that require an answer NOW.

Now we have not only the finest upgraded machinery available, but we have the human resources to satisfy even the most demanding requests.  Give us a try! Send an email from the contact page, or call Larry or Rick directly, to set up a meeting with your technical people to show you how we can make your dyeing and finishing experiences even better.

Who We Are

Lawrence Frank, CEO of MoCaro Dyeing and Finishing

Lawrence Frank, CEO

Rick Landau, Vice-President

Rick  joined the new Mocaro in January 2015 as Vice President of Sales.  Born in Caracas, Venezuela, he has extensive experience in international textile sales and importing and exporting cotton fiber, yarn and machinery.

Rick and Larry have worked together in one form or another for over 35 years, and Mocaro will be their first experience working under the same roof.  Rick will form the backbone of our customer service division and all customers are urged to touch base with him for any of their needs or concerns.  

You can be certain of receiving fast and effective solutions to any issues you may have.

Born in NYC, Larry lived in Venezuela from 1972 to 2014, running a completely vertical textile mill in Caracas.  With deep experience in spinning, knitting, dyeing and finishing, as well as cut and sew operations, he decided to move his family to the USA due to unbearable economic and political issues in Venezuela. His purchase of Mocaro in August 2014 is the realization of his dream to return to his roots and work in the field in which he has devoted his entire professional life overseas.  He and his team have dedicated themselves to modernizing Mocaro and upgrading every area of production and administration.

If you are considering working with Mocaro, Larry would love to speak with you personally, as he takes an interest in each and every customer, regardless of size.  He would love to have an opportunity to show how our deep dedication to personalized attention can result in an effective relationship for all concerned.


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Kenny Hoyle, Production Manager, MoCaro Dyeing and Finishing

Kenny Hoyle

Production Manager


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Derrick Estes, Director of Customer Service, MoCaro Dyeing and Finishing

Derrick Estes

Director of Customer Services


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Donnie Jarrett, Dye House Supervisor, MoCaro Dyeing and Finishing

Donnie Jarrett

Dye House Supervisor


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